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  • News JRPG Series .hack Celebrates 20th Anniversary


    The .hack series started life on PS2 20 years ago today (20th June) in Japan. The role-playing franchise has always had a fairly unique premise, transporting players to a game within a game. 'The World' is an MMORPG in which the series takes place, although in most of the .hack titles, story twists usually up the stakes so that you're...

  • News PS4 Hack Exploit Allegedly Opens Hardware to Homebrew

    Running on relatively recent firmware

    A new PlayStation 4 hack has allegedly unlocked the console for homebrew, and could potentially compromise the PS5 as well. A trio of coders released the hack which works on PS4 firmware update v9.00. It’s important to note that, as of 1st December, the latest firmware is v9.03, so this is leveraging a...