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  • News Gamers Bombard PlayStation Executives with Used Game Pleas for PS4

    Rise against the machine

    While the bungled messaging coming out of Microsoft isn’t doing the Xbox One any favours at the moment, we still don’t actually know Sony’s official stance on used games for the PlayStation 4. The company’s said that its console will support pre-owned content, but

  • News Who Wants This Mass Effect Paladin Pistol Replica?

    Form an orderly queue

    Sprinting around your living room kitted out in homemade N7 armour may make you feel like Commander Shepard, but you’ll need to splash out on this replica Paladin Pistol in order to truly complete the look. The snazzy hand-painted Mass Effect 3-themed accessory is available to pre-order now, and will set you back a whopping...

  • News Sleep Soundly with BioShock Infinite Songbird Plushie

    You'll have to make do without Elizabeth for now

    BioShock Infinite’s gigantic mechanical guardian doesn’t make the most obvious bedtime accessory, but Irrational Games is moving along with production on these Songbird plushies all the same. The stuffed toys are available for pre-order right now from the developer’s web store, where you’ll...

  • News What Would Grand Theft Auto V Look Like on the PS2?

    Pretty rubbish, we suspect

    Who needs fancy PlayStation 3 visuals when you can enjoy Grand Theft Auto V in the retro setting of San Andreas now? One dedicated YouTube user has devoted the entirety of their week to producing the old school reimagining of this week’s ‘Michael’ trailer embedded below. It’s probably safe to say that some people...

  • News Andrea Pirlo: 'After the Wheel, the Best Invention Is the PlayStation'

    Football icon reveals his love for Sony's system

    It's not exactly a secret that footballers enjoy playing the odd video game every now and again – after all, there's no better way of avenging a real-life defeat than winning a game of FIFA 13 on the PlayStation Network. There is one player who seems to enjoy booting up his PlayStation more than...

  • News How Much Fun Can You Have Squeezing Mayonnaise Bottles on PS3?

    Remember to tip the container upside down

    Every meal tastes better with a hearty dollop of mayonnaise on the side, but as much as we love the taste of the egg-based condiment, we’re not sure whether we could stomach a full game about the rich, creamy sauce. Vividred Operation: Akane and the Mayo Operation, a brand new PlayStation Network title...

  • News Who Wants to Play Air Hockey with an Augmented Reality Hatsune Miku?

    PlayStation Vita makes it possible

    We’re not sure that we understand the fascination surrounding programmed personality Hatsune Miku, but the computer generated pop star is known for sending some folks more gaga than, er, Lady Gaga. If you fit into that category, then you may want to hot step your way over to the Niconico Chōkaigi 2 event...

  • News Beyond: Two Souls' Script Could Double As a Doorstop

    Or as a murder weapon

    In order to illustrate the sheer scale of Beyond: Two Souls’ script, Sony has sent a number of blank copies to various North American outlets. As you can see from the embedded image, it’s pretty big. Of course, it’s not necessarily indicative of the length of the game, as there will be branching paths and different...

  • Talking Point How Does Exclusivity Affect Your Anticipation for a Game?

    Increased attention

    For as few exclusives as there are these days, the word still gets a lot of mileage on message boards. Lists have become a profound form of ammunition among system soldiers, with elite titles compared and contrasted in increasingly heated wars of attrition. But how important is exclusivity to you? And does the aging concept have...

  • News What Kind of Posters Do You Think Quantic Dream Has Hanging on Its Wall?

    You'll kick yourself

    David Cage’s vocabulary revolves around one word: emotion. Listen to any interview or seminar with the Quantic Dream founder, and you won’t have to wait long to hear the poignant term. As such, it’s little wonder that the studio behind games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls has a poster wearing the words...

  • Talking Point Is Time Gaming's Greatest Handicap?

    Tick tock

    Look at your game collection, and then back at this article. Hidden in that bad Old Spice parody is an opportunity for you to make an observation – how many titles do you have sealed, wrapped, or placed in a separate pile tagged with the imaginary label ‘backlog’? If you’re anything like us, you’d probably struggle to count the...

  • News Sharpen Up with These Slick PlayStation Cufflinks

    Dressed to impress

    Nothing says “hire me” quite like a pair of PlayStation-themed cufflinks. North American jeweller The Purple Armadillo has a selection of Sony-inspired accessories for sale to complete your corporate look. Amongst its wares are a couple of DualShock 3-esque fasteners, which are sure to

  • Feature PlayStation All-Stars Fans Campaigning for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro DLC

    Community launches online assault at Activision and Sony Santa Monica

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a fine game, but there are some major omissions in its roster. The loveable Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon are both considered PlayStation icons, but unfortunately they belong to Activision. That clearly prompted some serious...

  • News What If Uncharted Protagonist Nathan Drake Was Nyan Cat?

    Kitty got wet

    Ever wondered what Nathan Drake would look like if his body was made out of Pop-Tarts? No, us neither – but it’s clearly a topic that’s caused a great deal of debate behind-the-scenes at developer Naughty Dog. The studio has sneakily uploaded a mini-game to its official website, portraying the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception...

  • News You Gotta Believe in This Replica PaRappa the Rapper Hat

    Step on the gas

    We always thought that our authentic Journey scarf was the ultimate piece of PlayStation clothing, but this PaRappa the Rapper beanie hat takes the figurative biscuit. The tangerine orange head-warmer is marked with the familiar frog logo on the front, while it wears the PlayStation 2 branding on the back. We’re guessing that this...

  • News Microsoft Takes a Shot at Sony's PlayStation 4 Reveal

    Arrogant or nervous?

    Sony may cut a more humble figure following the catastrophic mistakes of the PlayStation 3, but it looks like Microsoft’s ready to step into the platform holder’s old shoes. Tweeting shortly after last night’s PlayStation Meeting press event, Xbox talking head Larry Hryb couldn’t resist chiming in on the announcements...

  • News So, What Does PixelJunk Mean Anyway?

    Unearthed secrets

    We already know that PixelJunk is the name of one of the PlayStation Network’s most popular brands, but where did it get its title from? Developer Q-Games has laid out the reasoning in a brand new FAQ, which tackles pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the Kyoto-based developer. According to the document,...

  • News Journey Is Not Just a Great Game, It's a Life Changer

    Dry your eyes

    Many of us can point to a piece of media that has helped us through a difficult time. For some it may be a song, others a book – but for Sophia, a 15-year-old gamer, it's Journey. Speaking during a panel at DICE earlier this week, thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen read aloud a letter that the company had received from the...

  • News Watch Kevin Spacey Get to Grips with a PlayStation Vita

    Buying one for the car

    Sony is no stranger to product placement, but this scene from Netflix exclusive show 'House of Cards' really takes the biscuit. In it, Kevin Spacey randomly picks up a PlayStation Vita and talks about buying one for his car. It's unbelievably awkward, but we suppose it's nice to see the console finally getting some...

  • News Sony Honours Dedicated Trophy Hunters with Congratulations

    It's a hard life

    Committing your life to collecting digital trinkets can be a real chore. Not only are you forced to sit through inane difficulty tiers, assemble sizeable bounties of feathers, and grind you way through hundreds of multiplayer levels with strangers, but it’s also relatively unappreciated work. Who gives you a pat on the back for...

  • News This Is What FuturLab's Surge Looks Like in LittleBigPlanet

    Fan powered remake

    Just like Smarties and Cheese & Onion crisps, YouTube user Evert84 has fused two of our favourite things. The budding creator curator has taken to the video sharing site to show off his latest LittleBigPlanet Vita level: an almost exact reimagining of FuturLab’s excellent PlayStation Mobile hit,

  • News Heavy Rain Composer Sadly Passes Away at 56

    Leaves behind an incredible legacy

    The composer best known for scoring Heavy Rain’s emotional soundtrack, Normand Corbeil, has passed away at 56. The sad news comes courtesy of 8bitfix.com, who reports that the musician was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2012. He lost the battle with the disease on Friday, 25th January. Corbeil has...

  • News Here's What Killzone Would Look Like If It Was Made of LEGO

    Toys at war

    Forget about all of the excellent LEGO crossovers that have come before – this is the one that we’ve been waiting for. 18-year-old model designer Joris Blok has constructed an army of Helghast soldiers out of LEGO, providing a sneak peak at Guerrilla Games’ blockbuster Killzone franchise in plastic form. Despite their somewhat...

  • News Meet the 85-Year-Old Who's Addicted to PlayStation 3

    Old school

    While most pensioners keep their minds active with Sudoku and Countdown, Hilda Knott is a touch more adventurous. The 85-year-old is a keen PlayStation 3 gamer, with an enormous library spanning mainstream favourites such as Grand Theft Auto IV and more hardcore hits like Disgaea 4: A Promise Forgotten. She’s even a PlayStation

  • News A Connecticut Town No Longer Wants To Buy and Burn Your Copies of God of War

    The town's M-rated games sigh in relief

    Remember when we reported that a Connecticut town was offering $25 vouchers to families who handed over their violent video games to be incinerated in a drive that was due to take place on 12th January? Well, that's not happening any more. A spokesperson from the SouthingtonSOS has told Polygon that the group...

  • News A Connecticut Town Wants to Buy and Burn Your Copies of God of War

    Hand 'em over

    A small town in the state of Connecticut has called for families to participate in a drive to rid the area of violent video games following the devastating shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school. The 'Violent Video Games Return Program', instigated by the SouthingtonSOS, urges families to give up their M-rated games, films, and CDs...

  • News Place a Pre-order for BioShock Infinite's Sky Hook Replica

    Calling all cosplayers

    If you simply can't wait until the delayed launch of BioShock Infinite on 26th March, then you can always quench your steam-punk thirst by pre-ordering NECA's motorized Sky Hook replica. The sidearm measures 22 x 11 inches and can be pre-ordered via GameStop in North America for a mighty $79.99 (nearly £50). It's set to...

  • News The Last of Us Looks Even Better When It's Made of LEGO

    Brickin' it

    Just when you thought The Last of Us couldn’t possibly get any more exciting, someone goes and recreates the title’s debut trailer out of LEGO bricks. This brilliant piece of handiwork adds a brand new dimension to the upcoming PlayStation 3 blockbuster – a particularly plastic one, we hasten to add. We’re especially fond of Jar...

  • News Hideo Kojima's Celebratory PS3 Lunchbox Will Turn Your Tummy

    Don't play with your food

    We always assumed that money hats came in briefcases packed with one hundred dollar bills, but Sony clearly has different ideas. At its Tokyo headquarters earlier today, the platform holder presented Hideo Kojima with a specially prepared PlayStation 3 bento box, designed to celebrate Metal Gear Solid's recent 25th...

  • News Kratos Once Sported a Rather Fetching Blue Tattoo

    God of azure

    Kratos’ trademark look may not have changed much over the years, but series creator David Jaffe has revealed that the fearsome antihero went through a big makeover shortly before the original God of War was revealed to the press. According to the outspoken developer, at one point the protagonist sported blue tribal tattoos – until...

  • News Someone Played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for 135 Hours in a Week


    What’s your longest gaming marathon? We bet it doesn’t come anywhere near Guinness World Record holder Okan Kaya’s personal best, who smashed the global record for the longest gaming session ever this week by registering a staggering 135 hours in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 over seven days. Guinness World Record rules state that contenders...

  • News These Exhibits from iam8bit's PS All-Stars Event Are Fantastic

    Fan service

    As you probably read earlier this week, swanky video game production company iam8bit hosted a special PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale event in Los Angeles overnight. Alongside getting their hands-on the final version of the mascot mash-up, attendees also got to peruse a Royal Armoury of weapon replicas. On loan from the game's...

  • News Give PlayStation Themed Gift Cards This Christmas

    Santa's sack-boy

    Christmas cards can be pretty bland. You either get chilly winter themes, or those corny designs with jokes that were funny about five decades ago. Thankfully, the fine folks over at GamerPrint.co.uk have come up with a way of fusing video game references into their line of festive greetings cards. The A6 designs pay homage to...

  • News Check Out Grand Theft Auto: Vice City As a Commodore 64 Game


    Assuming you’ve beaten Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at some point over the last ten years, you’ll probably appreciate this demake of its brutal final stage. We’re particularly fond of the unnervingly accurate adaptation of the mission’s cut-scenes, but the plinky-plonky soundtrack is also a highlight. Let us know which other modern...

  • News Download the Free WipEout Generation Soundtrack Now

    Beating the drum

    For many PlayStation fans, the sound waves of WipEout are a cultural touchstone. That’s especially true for the “WipEout Generation”, a group of independent music producers who – inspired by the work of former series composer Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) – have written and performed their own free WipEout themed...