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  • News Bloodborne: The Board Game Slaughters Its Kickstarter Goal with Ease

    The hunt continues

    You may remember that, about a week ago, board game specialist CMON announced God of War: The Card Game, an officially licensed adaptation of Kratos' Nordic PS4 adventure. Well, it seems it's not the only exclusive the company has in its sights. A Kickstarter campaign from CMON recently began for Bloodborne: The Board Game,...

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    Review Backgammon Blitz

    Cured to perfection

    Backgammon is one of the oldest games in existence, dating back thousands of years, and although in modern society it’s overshadowed by more popular timewasters like chess, it’s managed to find a home on the PlayStation 4 and its accompanying handheld, the PlayStation Vita. It’s true that in some instances the classics are...