Based on the huge Playstation 3 hit from Naughty Dog, the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Pinball Heroes table is a competent but simplistic experience.

It's an aesthetically pleasing table, with the plane crash from the original Uncharted game featured prominently in the top-right of the table. It also features sound-effects and audio snaps from the main game, but it fails to ever really live-up to its namesake.

Adventures can be initiated by entering the coffin in the centre of the screen, while sub-objectives earn you points for lighting up the letters "Drake".

It's a perfectly competent table, and it looks great, but given the draw of the Uncharted brand it fails to deliver mechanically. Which is a shame, because it's likely this is the table everyone will jump to first.


Pinball Heroes is a Playstation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. ItÂ’s available from the Playstation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.