Before we even jump into the gameplay, let us say right out of the gate that Critter Crunch is probably one of the most beautiful games on the Playstation Network. The hand-drawn sprites provide a wonderful cartoon aesthetic that literally jump off the screen, brimming with life and vibrancy.

Playing as a bearded fluff-ball known as Biggs, Critter Crunch takes an interesting spin on the tested Bust-A-Move puzzle gameplay. With a tongue the length of a ladder, Biggs can snag any kind of animal and then spit them back out. Using Critter Crunch's unusual eco-system, Biggs can feed a variety of beasts with smaller beasts, causing them to pop and release edible gems that satisfy Biggs' own needs. With the screen constantly moving from top-to-bottom, you'll have to be quick about clearing out those other beasts, or Biggs will be overwrought and gobbled up himself.

Throughout the game's "Adventure" mode, you'll happen across a range of variations on the standard gameplay. "Food Chain" combos become paramount in later stages (feed a small beast to a medium beast in front of a big beast to clear all three and trigger a bonus), as do collecting melon pips and triggering bombs. The game's fresh with ideas from start to finish. You'll also unlock puzzle and survival modes along the way.


Factor in multiplayer and price that's impossible to sniff at and you have one of the best puzzle games available on PSN. Sure sometimes the controls can be a little imprecise, and it is essentially a mobile phone port, but we'll forgive Capybara Games the odd flaw for remembering games can actually have colour in them.