If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, didn’t this come out years ago?” you would be correct. But given the pandemic and the fact we never actually reviewed it, now seems like the perfect time to draw some attention to Days of Wonder’s digital version of the renowned board game, Ticket to Ride.

While the original is an amazing board game, this port doesn’t really do anything we haven’t already seen. Yes, now you can play the game digitally, but if you were hoping for other goodies past that, you’ll have to keep looking. The base version of the title includes the classic, original version, where you spread trains throughout the United States and some of Canada, but it also includes the French map, which is an unexpected bonus. Both offer pretty different experiences and are both worth the time. We found ourselves most enthused playing either solo against the AI or using PlayLink functionality with friends. The solo mode is especially interesting because the AI plays and approaches the game differently to what we’re used to seeing when playing the game in person, which definitely increases replayability. The AI is content to sit back and hoard cards early, which feels like a new experience.

The Playlink version of the game, however, is rather rough, with locks and freezes on players’ phones being commonplace. And it’s probably easier to just break out the physical version if you’ve got it. Should you still want to take things online, there is still a multiplayer community. There were at least a couple hundred players each time we checked, which is pretty good all things considered.

The biggest problem ultimately is that if you don’t like the standard rules or play differently in person, then that’s too bad. Some custom options would have been a welcome addition and allowed even more fun to be squeezed out of the game. But if you’re looking for a quick, get-in, get-out play session of a great board game in digital form, you could do worse than Ticket to Ride.