In a world where the point-and-click genre has passed its heyday, this notorious series is one of the few keeping it going. Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice is a direct follow up to 2018's Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, continuing the story with a similar cast of characters and plenty of callbacks to previous entries. While longtime fans will certainly appreciate all the familiar faces, the game does little to make newcomers feel welcome. There's a quick recap at the beginning of the adventure, but it's not enough to help alleviate any confusion when Larry references specific past events.

The main story follows Larry trying to track down his previous love interest, Faith, after learning she's still alive. However, because the game assumes you've already played Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, it frustratingly leaves newcomers trying to piece together the events of the past game instead of focusing on the current experience.

The core gameplay is where the game shines. Fans of the series will be glad to know that the hand-drawn animation and provocative scenarios are still at the forefront of the game, but it never overshadows the solid gameplay. Following the standard point-and-click formula, you control Larry as he picks up and combines objects while using them on the environment to proceed. To help break up the pace, there are also some brief puzzles, such as wiring a fuse box. Although some solutions can be slightly obtuse, these are a great way to keep the gameplay from becoming too monotonous. Overall, the experience isn’t too brain-taxing, but it makes for a solid point-and-click game.

Where Wet Dreams Dry Twice ultimately falters, however, is in the control department. To make up for the lack of a mouse, the game has a pointer mapped to the right analog stick. In theory, this isn't a bad alternative, but the pointer controls are incredibly sensitive with no way to adjust them in the settings. Combined with some objects having incredibly small interaction boxes, it creates a frustrating experience where you can spend close to a minute fighting with the cursor to highlight a small lever or button. The control issues don’t end there, as there's also no option to use the directional buttons to navigate menus or dialogue trees, leaving you to awkwardly use the cursor to select certain choices.

While Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice is a solid point-and-click game, the game alienates new players, and massive control issues ultimately sour a decent experience. Newcomers should steer clear of this entry if they have any interest in the series, but for core Leisure Suit Larry fans, it might be worth checking out this otherwise solid entry on another platform.