Cat Quest is an open world RPG set in the land of Felingard which has been conquered by dragons. You play as the last of the blood knight cats meaning you have the ability to slay these dragons with the help of your trusty sword. That’s not the only issue in these lands, though, as an evil pussy named Drakoth has catnapped your sister and you must reclaim Felingard in order to rescue your beloved sibling and return the kingdom to normality.

The gameplay consists of roaming the world completing various quests for the townsfolk in exchange for information -- the majority being combat quests. You’ll visit quest boards in towns to collect your missions and then set out across the map to the area indicated; usually you are tasked with clearing monsters out of a cave or retrieving a certain item to be returned to its owner. Once completed you are rewarded with loot, experience, and in-game currency for your efforts. The experience earned goes into levelling up your character, increasing your overall stats: health, armour, mana, and damage dealt.

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The combat is by far the most enjoyable part of Cat Quest, consisting of rolling to dodge enemy attacks and pushing square to attack with your weapon or using the shoulder buttons to cast various spells. It’s a blast, although it can feel a bit repetitive after a while. There are a huge variety of monsters to defeat and each has its own attacking style; some will only attack left and right while others will attack within their near vicinity, making dodging all the more important. The spells are equally interesting as well, for instance using a fire spell on an ice dragon will cause more damage so it’s a good idea to make sure you use the right spells at the right time to have more of an effect in battle.  

Felingard is presented like a map, with the towns, caves, and enemies popping out like you’ve just opened a charmingly cute children’s pop-up book. This very unique style is emphasised by its bright and colourful visuals and its upbeat music that go paw in paw, marrying together beautifully.

It’s just a shame that the quests aren't more varied, with the majority settling for you slaying a few monsters to empty a cave and then returning to the quest giver for your reward. The combat, while good, also wears out its welcome after a while, although you do unlock new spells and abilities that open up new areas of the map to explore. It's both moreish and tiresome all at the same time.


Cat Quest is a decent little game that we’d definitely recommend, with a charmingly cute presentation and a solid combat system that together form an overall enjoyable experience. Although you will definitely feel the pangs of repetition, there's just about enough here to keep you engaged until you reach the title's satisfying conclusion. If you’re a big RPG fan or you’re a cat purr-son, then Cat Quest is going to be right up your alley.