Battle royale is a term that sends shivers down the spine of many a gamer, evoking thoughts of garish, costumed shoot-'em-ups, egregious monetisation, and an entire generation of children for whom flossing has absolutely nothing to do with dental hygiene. Stop liking things we don't understand, kids. Play Yakuza.

Anyway, the genre was inspired by a Japanese movie named Battle Royale from the year 2000, in which schoolchildren are forced to murder each other until only one is left standing. It's a riveting film, and one well worthy of being ripped off and turned into an aesthetically repugnant and creatively bankrupt genre of video games.

Enter Bloodshore, an interactive movie inspired by battle royale video games, themselves inspired by a non-interactive movie called Battle Royale. Bloodshore leans more heavily toward the former rather than the latter.

Set in the near future, a shady corporation hosts a televised battle royale featuring annoying twenty-something streamers and convicted murderers fighting to the death for internet glory. It's like a modernised The Running Man, and if that reference is too old for you then just imagine a bad episode of Black Mirror and you're somewhere close.

You know when you start a YouTube video and the first thing you hear is the creator shrieking "Hi guys!" in a voice that's like fingernails down a blackboard? That's the cast of Bloodshore distilled into human form. On the plus side, most of them die in comical ways, and that we can appreciate.

The story is slight, the acting is rubbish, and the special effects are merely effects. The synthwave soundtrack is actually really good. It lasts an hour and change which, like most Wales Interactive movie-games, is absolutely perfect. You probably already know if you think you're going to like this, and if you do you're probably right. We liked it, but mainly for the wrong reasons.