Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5

Anticipation levels for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have reached a point where even a simple 32-second video showing off fast travel can get fans talking. After Marvel's Spider-Man 2 transported you across its New York map in seconds, the upcoming PS5 exclusive looks set to do similar with load times no longer than roughly three seconds. Square Enix has put out a quick clip demonstrating the feature, which sees Cloud and co make it from one eastern corner to somewhere up northwest in record time.

The video is in Japanese so it's impossible to tell what the locations are without a translation, but the tweet goes on to explain you can fast travel to specific bases like cities and Chocobo stops. Therefore, you can't fast travel to literally any point on the map like in the experience out of Insomniac Games, but you won't be waiting long to get to the locations that are on offer. The example in the video takes control away for roughly three seconds, and throws up a black screen with a loading icon in the bottom-right corner.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases for PS5 next month on 29th February 2024, and was voted the most anticipated PS5 game of 2024 here on Push Square. Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comment below.