Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PS5 PlayStation

Before seemingly becoming embroiled in a multi-year Suicide Squad quagmire, developer Rocksteady Studio was reportedly working on an original multiplayer game, one in an entirely new setting.

That's according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who wrote about the game's tumultuous journey and the uphill battle it faces in a market oversaturated with service games. Schreier cites sources close to the UK studio, claiming that after the release of 2015's Batman Arkham Knight, Rocksteady began working on Batman: Arkham VR and an unannounced multiplayer game set in an original IP.

Warner Bros. Montreal, Rocksteady's sister studio under the Warner Bros. Games publishing label (developers of Batman: Arkham Origins and Gotham Knights), had its own Suicide Squad game cancelled in 2016, and the property was offered to Rocksteady. The studio began work on Kill the Justice League the following year, in 2017, and is finally set to release the thing at the end of the month, on 30th January 2024, with the final round of previews not painting a pretty picture.

Schreier firmly shuts down rumours of a Rocksteady Superman game, which his sources claim the studio never pitched or worked on. The Bloomberg journalist tracked the pernicious rumour to a source, a Twitter user named James Sigfield, who told him: "I corrected it in a later tweet, but it never caught on. The person that gave me the info got the studios mixed up."

What do you think of this revelation? Are you surprised Rocksteady would jump at the chance to work on Suicide Squad? What form would an original multiplayer game from the studio have taken, and would you rather they pursued that project instead? Wistfully imagine what might have been in the comments section below.

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