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Final previews for Rocksteady's upcoming action game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice, were muted at best, with the knives coming out at many mainstream outlets. This frosty reception has seemingly blunted the game's marketing momentum, and the powers at Warner Bros. have made the unorthodox, seemingly unprecedented decision to prematurely lift the non-disclosure agreement binding players of November's Closed Alpha Test.

Announced on Twitter, Rocksteady encouraged players who took part to share their own experiences of the game. It's a risky move, but the developer has created a digital Bat-Signal, broadcasting an open call to action: "To the amazing players who tested the game, please feel free to talk and write about your gameplay experience."

To be clear, it's just the talking and writing about Suicide Squad that Rocksteady wants, with the studio noting that other terms of the NDA still apply: "Players may not post imagery or videos from the Closed Alpha Test."

Rocksteady Statement

To be fair to Rocksteady, we've seen some positive responses from participants floating around and many more underneath the announcement, so this gambit might pay off. Of course, plenty more negative takes are floating around as well, so it all may come out in the wash.

What do you think of this seemingly unprecedented move in the war of words being fought over Suicide Squad? Did you participate in the Closed Alpha Test, and if so, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.