Superman: World's Finest PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Whenever a big event in the gaming calendar is on the horizon, you can guarantee at least a few rumours will do the rounds. We're just over a week away from The Game Awards 2018, where Geoff Keighley has promised more than 10 new game announcements will be made in between doling out trophies. One game that's currently being thrown around is the new title from Rocksteady. Some believe that the Batman Arkham developer will show off its next game at the awards show, and it seems that the frontrunner for what it could be is Superman: World's Finest.

Superman: World's Finest PS4 PlayStation 4 2

This shaky rumour started before E3 2018, where the above image was flying across the Internet. It's of course a blurry screencap that could easily be a fake, but it fuelled speculation that the game would appear during the trade show. We know that it didn't, but a listing for the game on the website Game System Requirements has been found, and the timing of the discovery now has people hoping for its appearance at The Game Awards.

We'd advise to not put much stock in this one. This is an incredibly ropey rumour with very little to go on. Rocksteady has an established relationship with DC thanks to its excellent work on the Arkham games, so it's not unreasonable to imagine its next game will dip into comic book superheroes once again. Plus, Superman hasn't really ever had a good video game outing, and if anyone can do him justice, it's Rocksteady. Again, though, take this with a bucket of salt for now.

What do you think? Is Superman: World's Finest the next game from Rocksteady? Soar into the comments below.

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