The Last of Us' Cancelled PS5 Multiplayer Was 'More Fun' Than Any Other Online Game 1

Naughty Dog has cancelled its ambitious PS5-bound online multiplayer adaptation of The Last of Us, implying it had to choose between dedicating itself to the live service title or continuing to make single player games. Ultimately, it opted for the latter, and claims it now has multiple new projects in the works. (In addition to next year’s The Last of Us: Part 2 Remastered, of course.)

Despite the cancellation, it seems the studio is still pretty proud of what it achieved with the multiplayer game. For example, technical designer Nathaniel Ferguson described it as the “highlight” of his career thus far. “[The Last of Us Online] will always be a very special project for me,” he wrote on Twitter. “So it goes. A sad day, but very bright horizons ahead for sure.”

Game designer Karl Morley, meanwhile, said he had “more fun playing this game than any other [multiplayer title] before and since”. And dialogue director Kat McNally added: “It’s never easy to have a game cancelled, but I’m so proud of my studio and everything we accomplished on this project. Big shout out to my combat QA and dialogue teams.”

Such positivity around the project begs the question: why did it get cancelled in the first place? Well, from the outside looking in, it seems like Naughty Dog simply overextended itself. The game sounded far too ambitious for its own good, and was probably going to take all of the studio’s resources to support. In that sense, as disappointing as it is, we can understand why it decided to pull the plug.

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