Sony Takes Control of UK as PS5 Climbs to 51% Market Share 1
Image: Push Square

As has been reflected in other parts of Europe – like in France, where Sony currently is beating Xbox Series X|S by a ratio of 90 per cent – the PS5 has gained 51 per cent market share in the UK over the past six months. By comparison, Nintendo has just 25 per cent market share, while Microsoft has dipped as low as 23 per cent. In the House of Mario’s case, the Switch is in its twilight years, so a decline is anticipated at this point in its lifecycle.

This demonstrates serious growth for Sony’s device, as its overall share throughout the past 12 months is at about 43 per cent. It shows that the PS5 has been on an upward trajectory these past six months, while its rivals have declined. According to data analysts GfK, this is all due to aggressive price promotions and the release of Sony’s recent EA Sports FC 24 bundle, all of which have done wonders for Sony’s new-gen console in Britain.

The real worry for PlayStation’s rivals is that it looks like the Japanese giant is going to be even more aggressive in the run up to Christmas, with the release of its revised PS5 model and key titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We could see its market share growing even further throughout the holidays, and with Sony forecasting 25 million console sales this fiscal year, it could potentially blow its competition away if it hits its targets.