Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Sales

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was a smash hit for Sony and PlayStation when it launched last month in Europe. Fresh sales data shows that the PS5 exclusive came third in overall software sales rankings, but it was only beaten by EA Sports FC 24 (surprise!) and Assassin's Creed Mirage — both of which were on sale for up to three weeks longer than the Spidey sequel.

But the most interesting stats come from comparing Spider-Man 2 to its predecessors. It saw increased launch sales — nearly 30% — over the original Marvel's Spider-Man. It was also close to selling three times better than Miles Morales, which is impressive when you consider that both games released well into the all-conquering PS4's life cycle (with Miles Morales being a cross-gen title).

Meanwhile, when compared directly to God of War Ragnarok — Sony's similarly timed blockbuster from last year — Spider-Man 2 sold 28% fewer copies over its first two weeks. However, we need to remember that Ragnarok was a cross-gen release. If we're talking PS5 only, Spidey actually trended above Kratos' adventure by 8%.

Now, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was always going to be a blockbuster, but we'd imagine Sony will be mighty pleased with the way it's swinging ahead of previous games. Did you foresee the sequel being such a hit? Wield power responsibly in the comments section below.