Where does the time go? Asterigos: Curse of the Stars was released a year ago, and, fittingly enough, just got a meaty patch in the form of a free Anniversary Update, and we've got the trailer to prove it.

Included in the update are a swathe of bug fixes and tweaks, but the big-ticket item here is the new Gauntlet of the Stars challenge mode, which allows players who have beaten the game to face a worthy challenge: a boss rush gauntlet of 20 foes across four gruelling encounters. Players that manage can attempt the game's ultimate challenge, the Test of Endurance, which is the Gauntlet of Stars as a single encounter, with a limited poop of consumable items to use. Victory will reward players with the mythical Gladiatrix Battlegear.

A more approachable Souls-like Asterigos follows the tale of Hilda as she explores a world inspired by Greek and Roman myth. It currently enjoys Very Positive reviews on Steam. It could be a nice snack between more demanding game releases.

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