PS5 PC Platinum

While we're obviously massive fans of the PlayStation ecosystem, particularly its peerless stable of first-party studios, there are plenty of things Sony Interactive Entertainment could do to engender further goodwill. One thing we've been wanting for a while now is Trophy support for PS5 games on PC, something which appears to be one step closer to reality, although we should stress nothing official has been announced.

TrueTrophie's scanners picked up a new PS5 Trophy list, which has an intriguing additional platform attached: "PSPC". The list itself appears to be a test; titled "Trophy Set"; it isn't attached to a particular game, and TrueTrophies notes that it would be unusual for a developer to be able to submit their own platforms to PSN, suggesting this list comes from Sony in some capacity.

Delving deeper, TrueTrophies says that this platform is separate from PS5 but capable of connecting to it, which might mean it shares compatibility. This isn't anything new; as the PlayStation faithful will recall, PS4, PS Vita, and PS3 games were capable of sharing a unified list across those platforms. Previously, Sony added PSN support to the PC release of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered back in October 2022, allowing players to link their Steam accounts in order to unlock an exclusive skin. Small things on their own, potentially, but a situation we'll be keeping an eye on.

If you didn't know, TrueTrophies is a website dedicated to the essential work of chronicling PlayStation Trophies for hardcore hunters. They use scanners to scrape the nightmarishly barnacled underbelly of the PlayStation Network, allowing for the most up-to-date trophy lists possible, sometimes dangerously so. For example, TrueTrophies had Marvel's Spider-Man 2's Trophy list weeks ago, the titles of which contain some story spoilers.

Would you be excited to see Trophy support for PlayStation games on PC? How do you feel about this bold new PC future Sony is cementing? Resist change in the comments section below.

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