Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone players can look forward to some Halloween-themed fun, with a free content update kicking off a limited-time event called The Haunting on 17th October. Serving as a mid-season refresh, The Haunting introduces new game modes, balances guns and quashes bugs.

Operation Nightmare offers a nighttime version of Al Mazrah in DMZ and Battle Royale, with some spooktastic Halloween twists for players to discover. Zombie Royale will see fallen soldiers avoiding the Gulag to instead feast on the flesh of the living.

Vondead gives the Vondel Resurgence map a Diablo 4-inspired overhaul, with both Lillith and The Butcher putting in appearances. Also, both Skeletor and Ash Williams skins will be debuting, which is probably worth the time investment alone.

The Haunting will also serve as something of a swansong for the Al Mazrah map, as Modern Warfare 3 launches on 10th November, bringing with it the new Warzone setting of Urzikstan.

Will you be diving into The Haunting? How are you feeling about Modern Warfare 3, now that its release is right around the corner? Lock and load in the comments section below.