Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is locked and loaded for a 10th November release, and it’s Sledgehammer's turn in the spotlight. At Gamescom, we were treated to a "campaign premiere", which looks predictably slick and may entice us for that aspect alone, just as last year's Modern Warfare 2 managed to do.

We're shown the opening minutes of the first campaign mission, called "Operation 627". Players will return to Verdansk, although this time, seeing it from a new perspective and facing a new threat. A direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2, it picks up immediately after the events of that game.

Activision teased that Call of Duty: Next would return to showcase Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer suite, scheduled for 5th October.

What do you think of Modern Warfare 3, were you always on board, or are you giving this one a miss? Prepare for tactical insertion into the comments section below.