Dying Light 2 is getting something of a nightmarish facelift, with the simple experience of venturing outside at night getting a drastic overhaul. The 'Good night, Good Luck' update will make nights darker and infected Volatiles more prevalent, alongside parkour improvements and a whole bunch more. We got an update trailer, courtesy of IGN, showing it all in action, and the update itself goes live on PS5 and PS4 on 29th June.

A victim of expectations and a disappointing lack of meaningful narrative options at launch, Dying Light 2 nonetheless sold like hotcakes, and developer Techland committed to supporting the title for a further five years of free updates. Paid DLC is available as well, but some of the free updates have been quite meaningful, such as Gut Feeling, which made changes to melee combat, physics, and gore detail in what felt like a direct response to Dead Island 2's FLESH system.

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