Dying Light 2: Stay Human's latest DLC offering is now available, introducing an entirely new story-driven adventure which will see players venturing to the former opera building Carnage Hall, which has now been repurposed as a blood-soaked arena for post-apocalyptic gladiatorial combat.

With new quests, weapon types, enemies and challenges to overcome, Bloody Ties will provide survivors in Harran with plenty to keep them busy and is a part of the planned five years of support developer Techland has promised for Dying Light 2.

We can't imagine Dying Light 2 will be dominating many people's Game of the Year lists, if only because Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok will likely suck all of the air out of the room. Still, it's a super fun zombie-busting romp that we really enjoyed, and it gets even better if you can enlist a few buddies.

What did you think of Dying Light 2? Will you be diving into Bloody Ties? Take up arms in the comments section below.

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