Dying Light 2's huge Gut Feeling update is out today, directly competing for the hearts and minds of gamers with Dead Island 2, the other big first-person zombie-slaying franchise on the market.

In addition to overhauling the game's melee mechanics and physics (including a focus on dismemberment which seems like a direct response to Dead Island 2's FLESH system) and adding in transmogrification, Gut Feeling will add the Viral Rush limited-time event, as well as new blueprints for players to uncover. It's also entirely free, so another plus.

While obviously not as full-featured as a whole new game like Dead Island 2, it's nice to see developer Techland isn't willing to cede any ground and is committed to making its game the best it can be. Will you be spending your weekend with the new-hotness, Dead Island 2, or will you be dancing with the one that brought you, Dying Light 2? Make a tough decision in the comments section below.

[source dyinglightgame.com]