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Image: Push Square

While we still don’t know much about Sony’s roadmap for 2023, rumours are certainly setting up another absolutely enormous year for the manufacturer. The company’s already released the DualSense Edge and PSVR2, and it apparently has a revised PS5 hardware model with a detachable disc drive locked for September – and now reliable snoop Tom Henderson claims the platform holder’s previously mentioned Remote Play handheld could arrive in November.

It’s worth stressing that, based on all the information we have so far, this portable is intended more as an accessory than an entirely new platform: it’ll allegedly include an 8-inch screen and full DualSense functionality, allowing you to play new-gen games all around your house – and potentially further afield where a strong WiFi connection is available. It’s filling a similar need as, say, a Backbone paired with a smartphone – albeit without the drain on your mobile’s battery.

This is probably going to prove a pretty niche product – our poll results have already evidenced that – but we can certainly envisage a small subset of gamers who would get some use out of this. The big question is going to be its price: with a large screen and haptic feedback it could end up quite costly, but if Sony can get it out for $150 or less, then we can certainly see it adding some value to PS5’s already extensive selection of accessories.

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