PS5 PlayStation 5 Detachable Disc Drive 1
Image: Push Square

A revised PS5 hardware model with a detachable disc drive is now in developers’ hands, according to original rumourmonger Tom Henderson. The reliable Insider Gaming scribe first broke news of the revamped console earlier in the year, but now claims to have heard from two separate sources that test kits are out in the wild. According to the reporter, it “works flawlessly”.

While the overarching concept of a detachable disc drive may seem strange at first, it will dramatically streamline Sony’s production process. Currently, the platform holder manufactures the disc-based PS5 and its Digital Edition counterpart as separate products, but its proposal here will mean that it only needs to make a single unit. It can then bundle some consoles with the Blu-ray accessory.

It will also give consumers more flexibility. While some may choose to pick up the console without a disc drive initially, they’ll be able to “upgrade” to the disc version at a later date by simply purchasing the physical media tray separately. According to the initial reports, the disc drive will snap snugly to the hardware’s chassis, so it’ll look like it’s a part of the unit if you do decide to add it on.

While the PS5’s stock situation has improved a lot of late, the Japanese giant has set aggressive targets for 2023, as it aims to make up for a shortfall of units sold in the aftermath of the pandemic. Expect this new revision to launch next year, then, as the manufacturer looks to effectively re-launch its new-gen console – this time with ample stock available for everyone.