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Image: Push Square

The funniest thing about the never-ending Activision Blizzard acquisition saga is how it’s prompted tech giants Microsoft and Sony to undermine their own businesses. Case in point: during a media briefing in Brussels earlier today, the Redmond firm proudly (?) declared that Xbox has a global market share of just 30 per cent compared to PlayStation’s vastly superior 70 per cent. Nintendo, apparently, doesn’t exist.

Microsoft didn’t stop there with the cold hard numbers: it said in Europe the split is 80/20 in Sony’s favour, and it added that PS5 outsold Xbox Series X|S by a ratio of 69/31 towards the tail end of last year. Given how unbelievably aggressive the Japanese giant has been with its marketing in 2023 thus far, we can only imagine that gap is continuing to increase.

The Xbox maker appears to believe that by sharing these numbers, regulators will take a sympathetic view of the trillion-dollar firm and pass its proposed $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. But we’d argue Sony’s success is built on decades of consistent quality, great global localisation, and massive worldwide advertising campaigns. No one is stopping Microsoft from capturing a bigger piece of the pie, but apparently it doesn’t want to put in the hard yards.