The Legend of Dragoon PS5 PS4 Update

A new update for The Legend of Dragoon is available to download now, supposedly fixing the recently released RPG's technical issues. As you might have read last week, the emulated PS1 classic, which is part of PS Plus Premium, launched with a bunch of performance problems. These issues ranged from bugged visuals to full-on softlocks during combat, forcing players to either restart the game or rewind and play it differently.

A nasty memory leak was also reported, which eventually leads to garbled audio and yet more softlocks if you play for an extended period of time.

Frankly, it just wasn't good enough, but at least a patch has been pushed sooner rather than later. We can't find any official patch notes at the time of writing, but we're already seeing players say that the aforementioned softlocking issue has been solved. Hopefully that's the end of that. The update itself is just under 100MB.

Did you run into any problems with The Legend of Dragoon? Give us your best Double Slash in the comments section below.