To be honest, we’re not huge fans of using our virtual reality headsets to get a workout, but this is big business on Meta Quest 2, and so it makes sense that developers would latch onto PSVR2 with their products. REZZIL PLAYER – a game that’s been “built under the guidance of professional athletes and coaches from the Premier League, NBA, and NFL” – is releasing on Sony’s next-gen headset within its “official launch window”.

The release features a variety of drills, all inspired by different sports, including soccer, basketball, and American football. You’ll be completing activities such as practicing headers, gliding in between defensive lineman, and much more. Interestingly, there’ll be in-game competitions with real-world prizes up for grabs, including cash and sports kit.

At home exercise surged in popularity during the pandemic, and games like this are obviously a great way to keep you moving. We’re just not sure we want to sweat on our expensive new headset – at least, not while it’s still new, anyway!