There’s so much coming to PSVR2 on launch day that it’s becoming difficult to keep track, but fortunately we have a guide to keep you totally up-to-date. One late bloomer [Heh – Ed] is Garden of the Sea, the wholesome “feel-good gem” from the Neat Corporation. That’s a brilliant name for a company, by the way – just putting that on record.

As you can see from the trailer, this is a laidback Animal Crossing-esque outing, where you can pet animals, plant crops, and explore to your heart’s content. “Garden of the Sea invites you to head out across the ocean as playful sea creatures swim along, to discover new land and treasures, make a home, and fill it with the best of the best from your adventures,” the PS Blog reads. Lovely!

Obviously PSVR2, with its unnerving eye-tracking technology and supercharged visuals, lends itself nicely to horror titles – but it’ll be good to have something a little more chill to accompany all the jump scares. We’re looking forward to setting up home on our vibrant island starting 22nd February – just a couple of weeks to go now!