Forspoken Autocorrect Forsaken

Forspoken is out on PS5 next week, and as is usually the case just days before the release of any big budget title, more casual consumers are starting to show interest thanks to advertising campaigns and the like. Forspoken has a very specific problem on its hands, though, as recent Google search trends suggest that autocorrect could actually be diverting people away from the game.

As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, 'Forsaken' has seen a significant increase in search traffic over the last few days, presumably because either people's phones are autocorrecting 'Forspoken', or because people simply can't remember the game's name to begin with. And to be fair, Forspoken is a pretty awkward name.

Searching for 'Forsaken game', for example, will fetch results regarding Forsaken β€” a first-person shooter from 1998 (which actually released on the original PlayStation). Other Google trends include 'Forsaken release date' and 'Forsaken PS5'.

While we doubt that this'll prove to be anything more than a minor obstacle for the upcoming action game, it still makes for an interesting little study. It's entirely possible that 'Forsaken' related searches will continue to rise over the next few days.

Have you gotten Forsa-- we mean, er, Forspoken's name wrong before? Make sure you spell it correctly in the comments section below.