Moss Book I Book II PSVR2 PlayStation VR Sony

PSVR2 is not backwards compatible with PSVR, and for many that’s an enormous disappointment. However, some of the best games from the previous peripheral’s back catalogue are making their way to the new unit – and are receiving some meaty upgrades as part of the process. A new Games Industry article shines light on the transition process, and how titles are being reworked to take advantage of Sony’s new hardware.

It’s not all about resolution and framerate, either – those are a given, after all. For example, Tetris Effect, the trance-inducing puzzler from Enhance Games, will utilise eye-tracking to trigger the Zone mechanic when you close your eyes. Moss Book I and Book II, meanwhile, will increase the detail of the release’s shadows depending on where you’re looking, reducing computational overheads and optimising the overall experience.

Studios are also taking the time to incorporate the DualSense-esque features present in the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers. Pistol Whip, for instance, will utilise the adaptive triggers to add texture to each bullet you fire, while Moss will have a range of different feeling interactions depending on the context.

Of course, not all of these titles will offer free upgrades, and therefore there’s an onus on the studio to justify the cost of their ports. In the case of Moss, you’ll have to buy the games all over again; Enhance Games, meanwhile, is offering a discount for existing owners of Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite. But with backwards compatibility not even available on PSVR2, there’s certainly value in these studios revisiting their old releases and fully upgrading them to take advantage of Sony’s new hardware.