We learned late last year that the fantastic strategy game Anno 1800 was making the jump to console in the form of the aptly named Anno 1800 Console Edition. We now know when we can get our grimy, working-class paws on this wonder of the industrial age, with the title launching on PS5 on 16th March.

The aim of the game here is to build a populace and prosperous settlement on a previously uninhabited island and make a new home for your people. You will need to supply them with the basic needs of human life and the luxuries and pleasures that the rapidly growing bourgeoisie have come to expect.

While there is some limited naval combat, it isn't really the focus here. Anno 1800 does support multiplayer, so a canny player will find that flexing their economic and cultural muscle is often the surest path to success.

What do you think of Anno 1800 Console Edition? Are you excited to see more previously PC-centric strategy games making the jump to PlayStation? Plot a course and set sail for the comments section below.

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