Golden Age strategy game Anno 1800 is coming to console, with a PS5 version of the large-scale settlement management sim officially announced. Called, fittingly enough, Anno 1800 Console Edition; more details will be announced in early 2023. A technical test will be held on PS5 in November, and you can sign up here to participate.

Anno 1800 takes place at the dawn of the Industrial Age, tasking players with building and managing a Victorian-era settlement, tending to the needs of their citizens, and catering to their increasing bourgeoisie needs and wants. While there is a single-player campaign to teach you the ropes, the actual meat of the game is the sandbox and multiplayer modes, where you are free to build to expand to your heart's content, vying for resources and prestige with either AI or other human players.

You can check out the trailer above to get a better idea of how it all works and to see Anno 1800's glorious visual aesthetic in action. Are you a fan of city-building sims? What do you think of Anno 1800? Paint us a picture in the comments section below.

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