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Image: Push Square

We’re all familiar with the floods of games on the PS Store that promise easy Platinums, but sometimes they can be quite costly. That’s not currently the case, as the much anticipated January sale has dramatically reduced the price of select titles. It should be noted that not every game with an easy Trophy list is as simple as Stroke the Spider or The Jumping Churros. In fact, there are some decent titles you can pick up for pennies right now, and an easy Platinum is just the cherry on the top.

Consider a game like Foxyland and its sequel, for example: these are vibrant side-scrolling platformers with approximately 96% completion rates and price tags of £0.39/$0.59 apiece. They’re not going to win any awards, obviously, but they’re perfectly enjoyable games. We’d say the same about InkSplosion, a juicy dual-joystick shooter with an 85% completion rate and another £0.39/$0.59 price tag. In fact, there are dozens of these: Random Heroes, Prehistoric Dude, Super Destronaut DX – all easy Platinums, a few pennies each, and, crucially, proper games.

Have a browse through the PS Store and see if anything catches your fancy. This is a good opportunity to pick up some cheap minigames, with the added bonus of seriously bloating your Trophy cabinet in the process.