Street Fighter 6 PS5 PlayStation 5 Box art 1

Even though most people purchase their games digitally these days, bad box art can still bring out the fire in a fanbase. In the case of Street Fighter 6, players may have a point. The latest in the storied series from Capcom is shaping up to be a superb return to form, but fans have a serious bugbear with the boxart – namely, it’s terrible.

Seriously, venture into any Street Fighter community and you’ll find passionate fans either denouncing the publisher’s decision to lead with Luke – or creating alternative designs based on bits-and-bobs of key art that’s publicly available. The bottom line is that franchise faithfuls hate it – and are probably one step away from a petition going live.

Personally, we like lead character Luke, who’s being billed as the main protagonist of Street Fighter 6, but we agree that this box art isn’t the best. Considering how cool and stylish the sequel looks in general, we reckon Capcom could have come up with a much more exciting cover here. Not that we’ll ever see it, of course – this is a game we’ll want installed on our PS5’s SSD for the foreseeable future.