The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group is one of the unsung heroes in PlayStation’s portfolio. There’s been talk about attaching a fully-fledged development team to the department for years, but its main remit is to help other studios realise their visions. And this doesn’t just apply first-party projects, as its motion capture space has been rented by various third-parties over the years.

One upcoming title that the division’s helped out on is The Callisto Protocol, with all of the cinematics being shot on location at Sony’s motion capture studio. And according to Michael Mumbauer, a former director and studio head at VASG, the collaboration runs deeper than that: “It wasn’t just the use of the mocap studio. [PlayStation] contributed quite a lot to cinematics and more. [It’s] going to be a banger.”

Striking Distance Studios, the developer of The Callisto Protocol, is a brand new team – but it really impressed us with the overall quality of its sci-fi horror in the demo we tested earlier in the year. The game, based on what we played, feels like a true AAA title – and so smart collaborations, like this one touted with PS Studios, will have helped it achieve that aim. We’re looking forward to experiencing all of the cinematics when the title drops on 2nd December, 2022.