Naughty Dog

It looks like Sony is building a new internal game development team in partnership with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts and Naughty Dog. PSS Visual Arts is a company specialising in motion capture cinematics and animation. Naughty Dog, meanwhile, is a first-party video game developer that specialises in bringing joy to many and outrage to a vocal few.

Together they will collaborate on a "high visibility project," which remains unknown, although they apparently have "a clear vision and plan to release". This news comes to us via a job listing at PlayStation Global, for the position of Senior Producer. We have to imagine the position pays rather well, so if you have 5+ years of industry experience under your belt and have shipped two or more AAA games, why not apply?

It's worth noting that the phrasing of this ad, in particular, is something that we have seen previously, although the specific reference to Naughty Dog is entirely new. The nature of the project itself remains to be seen, but the last time PSS Visual Arts and Naughty Dog got together, we wound up with The Last of Us: Part I. So we could be looking at another remake project (the obvious joke being The Last of Us: Part II remake), but we would hope this signals something entirely new. Either way, we will be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

What do you think the nature of this unannounced project will be? Another remake, or something else entirely? Speculate wildly in the comments section below.

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