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Chances are, if you like video games and use Twitter, you’ve heard of Nibel. The veteran social media news scraper has been collating content for years, and his “fastest finger first” approach garnered him an audience of approximately 450,000 followers. But now, he’s decided to quit the platform.

“After some introspection, I've made the decision to focus my time and energy elsewhere and move on from Twitter,” he said in a statement on his account, which has since been set to private. “This marks the end of my video games coverage and my active participation in this platform. Thanks to everybody for the fun times!”

In recent months, Nibel had attempted to monetise his efforts through crowd-funding site Patreon, but alluded to a lack of support as one of the reasons behind his decision. In a blog post, he also cited issues with Twitter itself, especially in the wake of entrepreneur Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform.

Of course, fresh aggregators will emerge to fill the void that Nibel leaves behind, but it’s hard to imagine an alternative being anywhere near as exhaustive – or, indeed, outright rapid with the breaking news.

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