King of Fighters XV PS5 File Size

King of Fighters XV is only a couple of weeks away from its PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 launch. The solid-looking team-based brawler is set to be an extremely important title for SNK, as the veteran developer seeks to solidify its position on the modern fighting game pantheon. The new Samuari Shodown was great — aside from the rough online netcode — and we're hoping that King of Fighters XV is even better.

You might need to free up some space on your SSD if you plan on snagging the PS5 version, however. As reported by the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size, King of Fighters XV is a chunky download — especially for a fighting game. It weighs in at just over 68GB on Sony's current-gen system, and that's without a day one patch.

For comparison's sake, fellow PS5 fighter Guilty Gear Strive is just 16GB — so it's fair to assume that King of Fighters XV has a lot of bulk to it. A relatively huge character roster probably plays a significant role — all those voice lines don't come cheap!

Anyway, are you looking forward to King of Fighters XV? Tell us who's making your team in the comments section below.