Capcom Countdown

Ah, the good old website countdown. We’ve not seen one of these in quite some time. Capcom is teasing some sort of announcement for the end of this week with a seven-day countdown timer that began a few hours ago on its official website. The page doesn't have anything else on it that could potentially hint at what this is all about besides the black background and white text.

The countdown will end at 6am GMT / 10pm PT (10th February) / 1am ET on Monday 21st February 2022, which just so happens to coincide with the final day of Capcom's Pro Tour 2021 season final. Therefore, it's possible the countdown could be related to an announcement scheduled for the fighting event. The final day action begins six hours before the countdown in question hits zero.

Capcom will celebrate Street Fighter's 35th anniversary this year, so the official announcement of a sixth mainline entry at some point seems likely. There's no guarantee this countdown timer is related to that, though. It could just as easily be a new line of merchandise for fans to gobble up. Still, due to the timing of the event and when this countdown is scheduled to end, we think it's safe to place your bets on something Street Fighter related.

In a Street Fighter V update late last year, Capcom said: "We'll be back with more news about the future of Street Fighter."

Outside bets include the Resident Evil Village DLC announced last year and possibly even the rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake. Both, however, are unlikely to be related to this. What do you hope Capcom plans to announce? Share your predictions in the comments below.