Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Logo

Believe it or not, Final Fantasy VII is 25 years old today, and the classic PlayStation RPG is still being milked by Square Enix two and a half decades later.

Snark aside, it sounds like 2022 could be a big year for Cloud and company. The Japanese publisher has revealed two brand new logos for the game's 25th anniversary — featuring some lovely artwork from Tetsuya Nomura — and says "we hope you're ready for the year ahead!".

So what's Square Enix got in store? Well, that Ever Crisis mobile game is apparently going big this year, and maybe — just maybe — we get a Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 reveal. The publisher has hinted that the latter could happen, but it hasn't committed to anything just yet.

Elsewhere, aforementioned artist Nomura has teased "other" Final Fantasy VII projects — so brand new announcements might be in the pipeline.

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