"Another possibility for a Remake" reads the official reveal trailer for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis — a mobile game that appears to be an actual straight-up remake of Final Fantasy VII. Unlike Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ever Crisis appears to be built on the foundations of the PS1 original. It's got pre-rendered backgrounds and the same kind of text boxes for character dialogue. It even appears to have turn based combat (complete with visuals taken straight from Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4). This trailer caught us completely by surprise.

We keep writing appears in italics because there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding this game. Is it really a full remake of Final Fantasy VII, in the classic JRPG style? Or is there some kind of catch? Why is Aerith in the boss battle with the Guard Scorpion? Is there some kind of gatcha element? Is this one of those mobile games? The bottom line is that we don't know, and with a loose '2022' releasw window, it might be a while until we get concrete answers.

But the most insane thing about this is that Ever Crisis supposedly covers the entire Final Fantasy VII universe. Advent Children — the Final Fantasy VII movie — is going to be playable through Ever Crisis. Crisis Core, the divisive PSP title, is also going to be a part of it. So is the bloody awful Dirge of Cerberus. Again, so many questions.

"[Ever Crisis is] a chapter-structured single player game covering the whole of the FFVII timeline - including the events of the original game and the FFVII compilation titles," says Square Enix, but that mention of it being "chapter-structured" might suggest that this is more of a smaller episodic thing that covers the main story beats of the Final Fantasy VII universe, rather than a full-blown remake of Final Fantasy VII, plus everything else. We suppose that would make more sense, but we're still baffled by the sudden appearance of this thing.

Indeed, we've seen a lot of people say that Ever Crisis could be what they wanted from Final Fantasy VII Remake all along — a 'faithful' remake of the PS1 classic. But at this point, we're not convinced that this is the game that many are hoping it might be. And only on mobile? We suppose that it could end up being a similar deal to Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD, and that it could eventually be ported to consoles.

What do you make of this announcement? Would you play a straight-faced remake of Final Fantasy VII and all of its companion pieces? Do you think there's a catch to Ever Crisis? Scratch your head in the comments section below.

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