Sniper Elite 5
Image: Rebellion

In what is almost certainly the most exciting news the island has seen in an age, Guernsey is set to sort-of feature in a big-budget video game. Sniper Elite 5 is the upcoming entry in Rebellion's long-running franchise, and it's taking its Nazi-blasting action to Brittany. While the game will take place on the French mainland, some locations in the game will apparently be inspired by the Channel Island, which still bears many remnants from its Nazi-occupied past.

The Guernsey Press — the island's local newspaper — reported on this last week. Staff from Rebellion paid a visit to the island in 2018 in order to make notes and take reference shots of weaponry and equipment from the period. However, the team also scanned and snapped photos of coastal areas featuring German bunkers and fortifications. Fort Hommet is one such example, and the top-most image above is a still from the game itself, showing what the newspaper identifies as L'Angle bunker.

It seems we won't be paying a visit to Guernsey itself within Sniper Elite 5, but there will be some sections that ought to look familiar to locals. Rebellion had apparently planned to return to Guernsey to continue its research, but was unable to due to COVID-19 restrictions. Still, it's interesting to know that a tiny piece of this author's homeland will be captured in a modern game.

Are you excited to play Sniper Elite 5 on PlayStation 5 and PS4? Will you be looking out for those Guernsey-inspired segments?