Sniper Elite 5 Guide: All Collectibles, Tips, and Tricks 1

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest stealth-based third-person shooter from UK developer Rebellion and the sequel to Sniper Elite 4. The game stars US operative Karl Fairburne, as he embarks on a one-man mission to disrupt a plot named Operation Kraken in Nazi occupied France. We described the game as "hugely replayable" in our Sniper Elite 5 PS5 review.

In this Sniper Elite 5 guide, we'll reveal the location of all collectibles, including all Personal Letters locations, all Classified Documents locations, all Hidden Items locations, all Stone Eagles locations, and all Workbenches locations. We've also included a selection of tips and tricks for newcomers to the long-distance shooter.

Sniper Elite 5 Guide: All Collectibles

Sniper Elite 5 Guide: All Collectibles, Tips, and Tricks 2

For the first part of our Sniper Elite 5 guide, we're going to reveal all collectibles. In total, there are 152 collectibles in the game, spanning 41 Personal Letters, 39 Classified Documents, 24 Hidden Items, 24 Stone Eagles, and 24 Workbenches. You can use mission select to find this at any time, so none are missable, and you can view a recap of everything you've discovered thus far by accessing the Service Record from the Options menu.

All Collectibles by Mission

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Sniper Elite 5 Guide: Tips and Tricks

Sniper Elite 5 Guide: All Collectibles, Tips, and Tricks 3

For next part of our Sniper Elite 5 guide, we're including some tips and tricks to help newcomers master the art of long-distance combat. While the game is fairly straightforward to pick up and play, these suggestions should help take you from sloppy sniper to elite operative.

Tinker with the Difficulty

One of the cool things about Sniper Elite 5 is that it's impressively customisable, allowing you to tailor the experience to your tastes. While there are a variety of presets, ranging from Very Easy to Authentic, you can also customise various attributes to your very specific tastes. This means you can, for example, play with demanding bullet ballistics but make stealth a little more straightforward. It's well worth spending a few minutes going through the options and tinkering them to your personal preferences. Don't be ashamed to dial things down if you're getting frustrated, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Scout Out the Environment

Most games encourage you to waltz into a group of enemies, and while you can do that in Sniper Elite 5 if you like, it's best to be a little more careful. You're armed with both your trusty sniper rifle and a pair of binoculars, so take a little time to consult your map, find some high ground, and just look around. You'll be surprised by how much you learn about enemy patterns and patrols, allowing you to make informed judgements about how to make your approach. If your strategy goes wrong, then so be it, but as the old adage goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Unlock Additional Infiltration Points

Sniper Elite 5 is designed to be replayed, and so you'll want to take advantage of various different unlockable infiltration points. These can be discovered while you're exploring, and allow you to begin your mission from a variety of locations. It's actually quite entertaining tackling a level from a new starting position, as it forces you to change your approach. Not only does this add significant replayability to the release, but it challenges you to think differently about environments you may already be intimately familiar with.

Make Regular Saves

If you're playing on the lower difficulty settings, you can make as many save points as you like. This means that you can quickly reload a recent save if you happen to make a mistake. For some, this may be considered cheating — and that's a perfectly valid opinion to have — but for the rest of us, trial-and-error can be the difference between success and failure. With the ultra-fast loading of the PS5 version, it's really quick and easy to replay certain segments and skirmishes until you get them just right.

That just about wraps up our Sniper Elite 5 guide. Is there anything that we've missed, or something that you'd particularly like us to add? As always, let us know in the comments section below — and good luck bringing an end to the Nazi regime.