Gravity Rush 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony’s cult PlayStation 4 sequel to PS Vita favourite Gravity Rush is now five years old. As remembered by Gematsu on Twitter, topsy-turvy protagonist Kat returned on 19th January, 2017 in Japan, with Gravity Rush 2’s North American and European release following just a day later. The game massively expanded upon the scope of the original, incorporating an entirely new world, as well as the original map for posterity.

The game surpassed 100,000 sales in its native Japan within a month, but failed to set cash registers alight globally. We felt, much like the central gameplay mechanic, the overly long campaign was a little up-or-down: “Kat's traversal mechanic is still among the most satisfying that the sandbox genre has to offer, and an endearing cast of characters means that you'll actively want to spend time in their world,” we wrote.

However, we caveated: “The combat and mission structure may still be this series' biggest shortcoming, but colourful scenarios mean that you'll stick around long enough to see the sizeable story and its many side-quests through.” The game went on to receive a free expansion pack, and was subject to a fan campaign to preserve its online servers when Sony announced plans to deactivate them in under a year.

Of course, developer Japan Studio is sadly no more, while series creator Keiichiro Toyama has moved on to pastures new at Bokeh Game Studio, the creators of Slitterhead. Nevertheless, this title and its vibrant world will be fondly remembered by PlayStation fans for the foreseeable future.