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We think Saints Row developer Volition heard its fans loud and clear: the original trailer for the reboot just wasn’t wacky enough. Ever since then it’s really doubled down hard on showcasing just how zany its new title can be, and we’ve been getting a glimpse of that courtesy of a bunch of mini-trailers it’s sharing on its Twitter account.

We start with the customisation: there are animated skin types, taco suits, and cobra masks. You can dress in “realistic” clothes, or just look as ridiculous as you like – it’s up to you. It’s also worth mentioning that you can completely edit your character, so you don’t have to play as the lady on the box if you don’t want to:

What next, then? The melee system, of course. There are a ton of brilliant finisher animations on display here, including a boot to one unsuspecting foe’s crown jewels – and even a thousand hand slap to the face. Clearly the developer had a lot of fun motion capturing these:

Don’t expect traversal to be any less zany. Yes, you can pilot planes and drive traditional sports cars, but heck you also get a hover board which can ground pound your adversaries. Sure, why not?

If anything, the traditional roster of firearms, like assault rifles and rocket launchers, look relatively tame among all this madness. We get the sneaking suspicion that Volition is keeping the best armaments underwraps for now, though.

At least you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. You’ll unlock a ton of perks and special abilities as you play through the game, including gun-fu and the ability to drop grenades that will propel you – or, indeed, your enemies – into the air.

And finally the mission types: insurance fraud is back, so prepare to go play on the highway. It also looks like you’ll be running heists and stealing trucks with important cargo. Hopefully the sandbox is absolutely stacked with silly things to do.

Presumably this series will keep running through until Christmas, and we’ll update with any additional clips that are worth sharing as they’re released. In the meantime, how are you feeling about the new Saints Row game right now?