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Looking for All Collectibles in Saints Row? Well then, you've come to the right place. We've hunted down every Collectible in the game to bring you this guide, which contains pictures of the Collectibles themselves, alongside a screenshot of where they can be found on the map. This guide is broken down into each of the game's districts so that you can sweep everything up in one area before moving on to the next. Easy!

You need to collect a whopping 85 Collectibles to unlock The Collector Silver Trophy in Saints Row. There are 115 Collectibles in total, so you don't need to get every single one to unlock the aforementioned Trophy.

What are Collectibles in Saints Row?

In the new Saints Row, Collectibles are objects that are scattered all across the map. By taking a picture of one with your in-game phone, you unlock it as a decoration which can be placed inside of your headquarters.

Collectibles become available after completing the main story mission 'Office Decor'. You'll also unlock the Collectibles App on your in-game phone, which you can use to track all of the Collectibles that you've found so far.

Saints Row Collectibles

Saints Row Guide: All Collectibles

Below, you'll find links to All Collectibles in Saints Row, organised by district. The game has 20 districts.

Some Collectibles can only be acquired by completing certain missions. You can find a specific guide for those Collectibles below as well.

All Mission Reward Collectibles

Saints Row Collectibles

The following Collectibles can only be obtained by completing specific missions throughout the game. Collecting them still counts towards the Collector Trophy.

Collectible Requirement
Western Golden Cannon Complete Main Mission 'Office Decor'
Idols Memento Complete Main Mission 'Idol Threat'
As Seen on TV Knife Complete Main Mission 'Idol Hands'
Dustlander Throne Complete Main Mission 'Unto the Breach'
Cow Statue Complete Main Mission 'Art Appreciation'
Cactus Jack Complete Main Mission 'Art Appreciation'
Wormy Apple Complete Main Mission 'Art Appreciation'
Flower Spur Statue Complete Main Mission 'Art Appreciation'
Hummingbird Codex Complete Main Mission 'Going Overboard'
Gatling Gun Complete Main Mission 'Severance Package'
Drug Shipment Collect all Drug Pallets
Chalupacabra Sign Complete all Chalupacabra Criminal Venture missions
Interstellar Phonebooth Complete all Laundromat Criminal Venture missions
Go-Kart Trophy Complete all Pony Express Side Hustles
Hoverboard Trophy Complete all Eurekabator! Criminal Venture missions
Vat of Fabulous Complete all Cutting Edge Criminal Venture missions
D20 Complete all Castle Kraken Criminal Venture missions
Shady Oaks Sign Complete all Shady Oaks Criminal Venture missions
JimRob Statue Complete all JimRob's Garage Criminal Venture missions
Nuke Mount Complete all of The Big One's Criminal Venture missions
Training Dummy Complete all First Strike Dojo Criminal Venture missions
Space Suit Complete all Let's Pretend Criminal Venture missions
Wanted Poster Complete all Wanted App missions
Planet Saints Pedestal Hijack all trucks for the Planet Saints Criminal Venture
Toxic Waste Barrel Find all toxic waste trucks for the Bright Future Criminal Venture
KAKTS Radio Tower Complete all KAKTS Radio Criminal Venture missions
Wuzyerz Repo Yard Complete all Wuzyerz Repo Criminal Venture missions
Saint Discordia Build the Saints Tower

Saints Row Tips and Tricks for Finding Collectibles

Hunting down so many Collectibles across such a big map can be a tedious process at times, but there are a few ways that you can make the whole thing a bit easier.

Below, we've put together some tips and tricks that can help you in your Collector quest.

Saints Row Collectibles 5

Take Flight

One of the best ways to spot Collectibles out in the open is to get yourself into the air. A helicopter is probably your best option here, as you can survey the surrounding areas at your leisure. Fly reasonably close to the ground and you should be able to pick out that blue-purple Collectible glow from some distance. If you're only just starting your Collectibles spree, then this is the easiest way to spot a bunch of objects quite quickly.

Co-op Coordination

Teaming up with a friend can effectively double your efficiency when hunting for Collectibles. Split up and sweep different districts to make your life easier. But be warned: only the host player can actually take pictures of the Collectibles, so you'll need to communicate. Both players unlock the snapped Collectibles, however, so help a buddy out.

Saints Row Collectibles 6

Use the App

The Collectibles app is always worth a look if you're completely stumped on where a Collectible is hiding (although this guide will hopefully stop that from happening in the first place!). The app gives you hints on where each Collectible can be found, and while these hints can be a bit too obscure at times, they can provide a 'eureka!' moment if you're well and truly stuck.

Just Play the Game

You can go out looking for Collectibles the moment you unlock the app — and that's fine. But you can leave the Collector Trophy until later if feel like it. You're bound to come across a lot of Collectibles during your travels as you simply play through the game — but you'll need to keep an eye out. If you spot one, snap it, and continue on your way. Then, when the time comes to find 'em all, you should already have a fairly impressive catalogue, and finding the rest won't be such a slog.

Have you found All Collectibles in Saints Row? Remember to decorate your own HQ in the comments section below.