PlayStation 5 console exclusive Forspoken is out on 24th May 2022, and now that Square Enix got that important detail out of the way at The Game Awards last week, it's time for the publisher to share actual gameplay with the world. What we have here is four minutes of action that focuses on protagonist Frey Holland as she takes on what appears to be an optional quest with a chest full of rewards at the end of it. In order to complete it, she must leave the city and do battle with some enemies.

Along the way, we get a good look at the UI and menus, which reveal how you can customise your gear, unlock abilities in a skill tree, and even edit your nails. Once she reaches the combat arena, Frey uses a number of different abilities to take down the foes standing in her path. They include bombs, throwable staffs, and what look like poison darts. Experience points and a healing draught are her rewards for taking them all down.

Gameplay looks fun, but hopefully, the frame rate is a little better in time for launch. Footage seems to dip here and there, and even parts of Frey's costume seem to disappear every now and then. Strange. What do you make of this latest look at Forspoken? Dash into the comments below.