Sony is going all-in on Fall Guys right now. To kick off Season 6 of the battle royale platformer, you can unlock not one but two Ghost of Tsushima outfits, with two moods of Jin Sakai up for grabs. What's more Sackboy has his own event running in the game right now, in which you can earn a Sackboy skin for your efforts. We're not stopping there, though: Aloy, from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, will join the fun very soon.

Here's how she looks as a Fall Guys costume:

Not bad, is it? There's no date set for Aloy's arrival in the game, but it sounds like she'll have a special event named Blaze Canister Mayhem. Presumably, this is where you'll be able to unlock the skin.

We'll keep you updated so you know when Aloy's costume is ready to roll in Fall Guys. What do you think of this crossover? Hide in tall grass in the comments section below.