Getting caught up in the excitement of the PlayStation 5 and its slate of upcoming titles is fairly easy as we look ahead to 2022, but it's always important to remember so many gamers will still be using the PS4 for the years to come. Case in point: Horizon Forbidden West will be coming to Sony's last-gen console day and date with its more powerful brother.

The Last of Us: Part II is proof the PS4 is still capable of putting out some fantastic looking titles, and it appears Horizon Forbidden West will be up there too. Developer Guerrilla Games has shared four screenshots of the PS4 version, and it looks great.

Featuring tropical greenery in two captures and then a desert environment in the others, Horizon Forbidden West will likely be one of PS4's best-looking titles. Of course, the PS5 version will have all the bells and whistles with various modes dedicated to improved frame rates and visuals, but if you're still stuck with a PS4, it seems like Guerrilla Games is ensuring you'll have a worthwhile experience with Aloy's next adventure.

Are you going to play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4, or will you wait until you've got a PS5? Make your choice in the comments below.